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Imagine a world where children are empowered to lead.

Sankofa Excellence is "equity at work".

Shifting Our Focus:

From Charter to Program Model

The founders of the SSOE have developed a school model for ensuring equity and excellence for all children, especially children of color. This is a model that we believe should be available to all children and families. Within the charter context, we inevitably would have to utilize a lottery for enrollment, making the program open to a small segment of the population. This idea conflicts with our desire to ensure that all students learn an accurate history of the African diaspora. Therefore, we have decided to shift our focus from a charter to a model to be used to ensure high-quality neighborhood schools in Baltimore. Our model and resources will be offered for free to anyone interested in implementing the program. We have partnered with Fort Worthington EMS to implement our model and programs over the next three years. We will share highlights of our implementation at Fort Worthington EMS on social media sites. Fort Worthington’s Early Learning program has seats available in Kindergarten and First Grade. Contact the school at 410-396-9161 if interested in enrollment.