Empire Point System

Every Sankofa Scholar will be assigned to 1 of our four Empires. Empires are similar to fraternities and sororities in that students are proud to belong to their empire and create steps, chants, and cheers to display their pride. Students earn points for their empire in several ways such as through displaying "Sankofa Excellence", perfect school attendance, and being on the A/B honor roll. Staff members and parents also belong to an empire and can also earn points. The empire with the most points will be announced to the school community each week. Empires collecting the most points earn special field trips and other incentives throughout the school year.

A member of the 8th grade class will be selected to lead their empire for the year. This student sets the tone for their empire and models Sankofa Excellence for their peers.


Our Four Empires

Empire of Mali

Empire of Kush

Songhai Empire

Empire of Aksum