About Us

Providing Baltimore's youth a world-class education.

The Sankofa Excellence Difference

There is a saying that "We learn from history that we don't learn from history". We believe that the solutions to many of the problems we face as individuals and as a collective can be found in lessons from the past. Our program model will engage students in an in-depth study of American and world history, with a specific focus on the history of the African, and use lessons learned to provide viable solutions to problems within their communities.

Sankofa Excellence

We have coined the term "Sankofa Excellence" to describe our high standards and expectations. It is the Sankofa "way" of doing things. We reject the idea that it is acceptable to offer Baltimore's youth an education that is "good enough". Baltimore's youth deserve an education that will adequately prepare them to lead healthy, happy, and successful lives and that is what they will receive in schools implementing the Sankofa Excellence program model. Our schools commit to displaying excellence in every way, every day!

Guiding Principles