Sankofa Excellence Leadership Prep Academy

Grades 6 - 8

Upon completion of their 5th grade year, our students will be enrolled in our middle school Leadership Prep Academy. This academy is designed to adequately prepare student scholars for college, career, and life. Students will actively lead the fight for social justice and affect change within their communities and around the world.

The Leadership Prep Academy uses Project Based Learning with a special emphasis on community development. Students will continue to develop their ability to research and problem solve. Additionally, they will develop a portfolio of their work over their 3 years in the LP Academy and during their 8th grade year, will present to the community, their work as well as their plans for affecting change in the future.

Our students in this academy will be paired with a College, Career, and Life Readiness mentor who will support and coach them through middle school, high school, college, and/or the first year of their career.